Who were the Shinarians?

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At some point deep in the mists of pre-history one of Nave’s continents sank into the ocean, carrying with it the entire Shinarian civilization. Today only their slave race, the Sidoians, remain. They have long roamed the earth searching for remnants of their former masters knowledge.
What do we actually know about the Shinarians? Based on the fact that the Sidoians were their slaves and now spend their time persuing knowledge of their masters, is it fair to say that the Sidoian culture is based upon the Shinarians? Are they of similar ethnicity or something different?

Mats? Henrik? Seb? Anyone?


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There are things Man was not meant to know, and quite possibly some of them are in the Unseen Lore of Mortal Online.
For those who are unafraid to play in the fields of the Lore, and with respect to this topic, please see (for background) both

this thread:

(archived in some form at https://web.archive.org/web/2018101...ms/threads/about-those-shinarian-ruins.88752/ , and so forth)
and these:


the last three of which have some quotes from Mats on the subject (though they are not guaranteed to answer your question).

As Tuhtram once pointed out, "[T]he Shinarian genus name is explained if you have the Shinaria skill:

'Knowledge of the biological characteristics and physiology of the creature group Shinaria. This group is often referred to as the Human Clade, it includes the Human races and halfbreeds such as the Thursar. The name Shinaria stems from the Shinarian Era, not the Shinarian civilization. A higher skill increases taming and/or controlling chances, butchery yield, carcass cooking quality, and damage and defense for creatures in this group.' "​

Maybe, just maybe, this means that the Shinarians as we know them (from the lore of other Races) didn't even call themselves Shinarians.

I have noted over the years that there are other races-&-places in games and books called "Shinar" or "Shinarians", i.e.

...but that probably has little or nothing to do with Mats' ideas for Mortal Online.


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Brief searching tells me nothing about 'Atlantic Tale', and otherwise I'm hearing about it for the first time from you-- feel free to PM me what I should know.

The myth of Atlantis is one of the classics, and Mats or anyone couldn't be blamed for borrowing from it.

My own LOWAG* is that if SV were ever to get around to developing the Navian 'underworld', the fabled caverns and abysses underlying the map(s) we know (effectively & actually a new continent), it would be partly full of even more Shinarian ruins & relics than the above-ground parts of the world.

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