Will we see the Rotvalta in Awakening ?

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Lithius V.

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Will we see the Rotvalta or any other unusual mobs in Awakening?

The Rotvalta was mentioned by Mats Persson in a Swedish Television feature a few years ago. Mats suggested that it is a creature that has already been created, or atleast conceptualised.

A Rotvalta takes over a tree (it's a parasite), the tree then falls over and the rotvaltas tentacles are then free to attack an unwitting bypasser.

I would love to see mobs that arent your usual roam around types. Plant/tree mobs would be awesome.

Other mobs like the ceiling tentacle blobs from Half life, or even a pit mob like the Sarlacc from Starwars would be amazing and different :) HUGE underground worms like from Dune would be amazing too.

Ultima Online had plenty of interesting mobs like the Swamp Tentacle -

the Reaper-

and the Corsper-

Anything but the usual runabout mobs would be a great investment in MO, in my opinion.

Have you guys heard any rumours about new mobs like this in Amakening ?

Mats can you comment on this? We haven't heard from you in ages! :(
Let us know that you're still alive and that your genius remains the same :)

Anyone have any other unique ideas ?


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i doubt it, but my moneys on scorpion,troll, minatour and bats..


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that sounds like some fun pve content!


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well there will msot likely be other mobs we dont have a clue what they are yet.
We will be getting some new creatures with awakening and I'm not just about talking fluffy woodland creatures either.

The important thing to remember here is the reason why we don't have interesting creatures in game now is only due to the lack of respectable AI. With the introduction of Awakening and the new AI you will start to see many more dangerous creatures and monsters.
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Lithius V.

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Thanks for the reply Athanas.

I am actually expecting a great amount of mobs to be introduced into MO post-awakening. As you have already stated, the main reason why we have not seen many mobs thus far is because of the poor AI we have endured for the last 2 years. The team have had heaps of time to build on their bestiary in the meantime, so lets see the flood gates open!

Oh, and lets hope there are some unique mobs as per the OP :D


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For the initial wave of creatures I would expect the more traditional things. Like deathshroud said, all of the critters that have been teased in one way or another in the past such as trolls and Minotaurs and what not. After that, then maybe they will experiment with more "Exotic" creatures and critters.

One thing though to keep in mind is that the Ether-world was always supposed to be dangeours, so it won't surprise me if they will place some ghosts, or wraiths that are only visible in the Etherworld and scare the ever living shit out of you when you see one.


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i'm all with you for plant mobs :D

and more giant insects hehe
So spider cave were really intended for ants?


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more mysterious monsters like that sound amazing.
dont think so, why would you think that?
in the interview video he talks about how these ants that live off mushrooms ... spider caves are full of them ;p and they look more than ant holes than spider caves


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hmm yea that is true, but since they now filled em with spider webs maybe we will get giant ants on another continent


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also spiders are not colonial animals (only some of them) and the yhave no caste system (workers queen etc)
i think in the end they put together spiders and ants and that's what we got :D


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those sound cool.

I still want Dryads.

and ether mobs and a trap door giant spider.
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