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125 lvl Bull Horses

Perfect and Flawless Slash, blunt and pierce whetstones

All type of Elite Guild guards
All type of Veteran mercenary guards

Demon Items

Spell book (all spells i mean ALL)

Animal Magnetism Book
Bloodsilk book
Cosmoid scale book

Dall Roba Armor Book
Direptor armor book
Tindremic Guard armor book

Draco Armor Book

Reroll Token

I'll pay fairly good for these items.
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ill sell you one for 7k. + 2k with delivery outside my drop off point.i take payment in Beth jeddah, bakti, tindrem and meduli. drop off point will be told once we reach agreement. or ill sell you the 5 thorax eyes you need for 5k and you pick up the book from vendor.


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*Edit for context, half the thread was deleted two guys where arguing,

Funny thread, but here is some advice.

You cannot scam with fake books in the veredari, they just show up as 'Player book' or something along those lines.
You cannot scam with fake books in a hand to hand trade if you are observant, since you cannot use capitals or spaces when naming a book.
You can drag items into a trade window from inside the bank.
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I offred him 10k gold for the book. He fucked around and said "derp" i only want 5k for the eyes or the book for 5k + 2k for turning in the eyes my self. I told him, ill buy the eyes then. And he goes total offensive and wont sell it.

What a waste of space.