WTB Oghmium - Reverse Auction - Closed

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The Argent Speedster
This is a reverse auction for the purchase of Oghmium.

Offered price: 5000g - Winning bid: Bonifatus 3585 units

Location: Gold can be delivered to any guard zone. Oghmium will be accepted at any guard zone. Payment and delivery can be different locations.

How this works:
Whoever bids the most Oghmium before the close of the auction agrees to trade their Oghmium bid for the offered price of 5000g.

Auction closes at 7pm on Thursday, August 8, GMT -5.

Bidding rules:
1. Bids must be submitted in this forum thread. Private bids will not be recorded.

2. All bids are considered valid until I invalidate them in this thread.

3. If a bid is withdrawn or invalidated after it was outbid, the outbidders will have their bids adjusted down accordingly.

4. Any bidder whose bid is withdrawn or invalidated is forbidden from further bidding, and their bids will be automatically invalidated.

5. Any bids submitted during the last 5 minutes of the auction extend the auction by 5 minutes from the time of the last bid.
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