WTB Unholy Ashes And Scribed Spell Necromancer Book with blindness and poison cloud

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Offer just how much range between 100gold to 130gold?
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Thank you Classified of your reply,the book with necrospells like blindness, poisonous cloud how much? i wanna buy only the two spells inscript inside the blank book. i will pay for it if you show your legit price tag
If you have necromancy spell skill , you can go necro cave and buy some seals If you're not, you should buy via player.
It's kinda volatile so It's not might be the right price anyway IMO, Poisonous cloud is like scroll for 50-100g and seal for 50g
Blindness is 100-150g , seal for 50-100g
and you need to find someone to scribe it to book , the fee is around 10g/each.


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Blindness sucks it lasts like 2 seconds