Your Favorite Songs v2.0

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The old "Your Favorite Songs" is locked. So I'l start a new one.

I heard this band last month, I never laughed so hard at a metal concert.

Here is some stuff from some kids out of Michigan. They got a classic rock vibe that I really like.

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This is one of my favorite bands,
they were also kind enough to allow me to use their music as the soundtrack for the rebellion against the Komodor-Ibarruri regime.

This version blows my mind... and the fact so many disagree with me.. makes me love it more. Absolutely obsessed!
I saw Glassjaw twice, great... Never saw them acoustic - life regret -

Amen Brother, Shape of Punk to Come changes lives...indisputable. Up there with Abba (for you Swedish Folk, lol).

I''ll NEVER forget the first time i heard that album. Blown away from the start, it was a continuous (hard to understand) contemplative album. With a abrasive/intentional path....

It was turning me into a lifetime fan. Then came this song and i was fucking LOCKED IN! -

Also, i'm almost positive i linked this in the other thread, but their new album should not be ignored! -

Seen Chino too many times live. He's/They are not good usuallly . But have one memory from the Metro in Chicago when dude was screaming this song from ontop of speakers 8 feet above the crowd. "Shut up you don't know me"... then jumps into the crowd. 'suck suck suck suck'. Might not have been a great performance but memorable and powerful.



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very old but gold xD:

or here my self cuttet AMV:
Started playing Operation Flashpoint game outta boredom. This song started playing... Legendary!