Your top 3 issues at the moment

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Ok guys, I would to keep this thread as minimal as possible.

No suggestions if possible.

I made this thread in a effort to give SV feedback on an individual person's current main issues with the game at the moment.

Myself and i'm sure everyone here doesn't want SV to get the wrong feedback or presumptions from listening to the most "popular thread of the week"


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Why does the thorax move as fast as a cougar?
Mount bags <WTF>
^^AI Pathing around TS still wonky.
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Here is mine :)

1. Mounted balance vs Foot ; specifically the lack of counters effective against a fully skilled mounted player
2. The lack of need for forced player interaction; specifically players not having much reason to roam around or interact with each other.
3. Logistics involved with sieging; specifically being forced to use logged off characters to store boulders


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no plex(paying players to give you sub in a safe way)
AI having range when its no good with rage attacks or make no sense to have range.(starting with skeletons but other mobs as well)
random dmg spike on mobs that hit 2 dmg avrage dealing 50+ dmg all of a sudden at random.


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1. mounts

The metagame sucks, it´s uninteresting and the dismount mechanics make it more gear-based than anything.

2. TC

Needs balancing and more options for small groups and solo players to play this game without having to build an empire. Raiding etc. There is a 25 pages thread on it.

3. Risk/reward and flagging

Flags suck. I want regional flagging with lawless zones and flag determined by TC owners. Countless threads on it.

I also would greatly appreciate if SV would go into some of the threads mentioned and give some sort of comment on the feedback there. Clearly the forum community sees these things as problematic (to varying degree) but SV does NOT acknowledge any of it. Especially when it comes to TC.

Seriously I think it is extremely arrogant to believe that you can get a free-placement, mat-producing, only-siegeable system like TC completely right on the first try. Now instead of cooking up some bandaid solutions (as seen with every mount patch ever) in secret they should go out and discuss this shit with the people who are concerned about it. Drop your vision on us and let us help by giving the feedback from day-to-day life that devs will never get otherwise.
My biggest issue right now would be I am working to much so I can only play the game a little.

But for in game I would have to say:

1. Mining. The new mines bum me out probably more than anything. I have no problem with the idea but it needs some big changes.

2. House key system. All members of the account should have easy access to the only one house they are supposed to have.

3. That pesky tax manager falling through house floor. It is a pain having to get a gm every time you need to access the tax manager.


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1: no players interaction, its either you are looking for people to kill outside ,or you stand half afk in a keep earning money doing nothing, while 4 idiots are roaming the map trying to have fun finding a fight where they 'll lose valuables things they wear ,while the people earning things are still watching porn and macroing in their keep. To fix this, that is simple, the world need a lot more interesting things so players really feel the need to work and achieve something. Exploration (not empty or 2silvers reward explorations) PVE random encounters, dynamics events , are the kind of thing pushing players to explore the world. Example : a relic falling, you'll see few players leaving each towns out of curiosity trying to find the relic, etc

2: no player forced interaction related to TC .
a) make portable butcher workbench, make importants materials drops from carcasses ONLY accessible with a portable workbench outside in the wilderness, to bring back a bit of the release days feeling, where you could roam mobs spots and find people to fight, die or win and get materials. It was giving reasons to go outside for farmers, pvpers, anti -pk protecting their slaves farming, pk doing bandit jobs on the farmers.
review tc, remove most of the advantages TC offer to players now, or tweak them to the ground so almost everything outside the TC walls is more valuable than what is inside ( excluding assets ofc)

b) make TC NPC unable to buy extracted ressources ,or tweak them to force players to leave their walls with bunch of materials and encourage trade in cities.

c) w/e you might think off

3: myself, since im not playing anymore i wonder what the fuck i am doing here ^^


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(the list is not from the most important to least important)

1. Economy - its non existing and it has now reached the point that trading with people is useless. This has also destroyed many non combat playstyles.

2. Feeling - pve spots are lacking depth (few exceptions like sator dungeon and the risar camps), think about the cultist spawn (at first I was amazed when I saw the buildings in the mountain side, then I entered the cave and I was not so amazed anymore as they were just standing in the middle of the big hall that has nothing inside there) or bandits (standing out there in the open doing nothing and theres like no camp equipment around). Some of the spawns just look like my custom maps I did in the first Operation Flashpoint when I didnt know how to get the enemies attack/move into any direction, so there was just 25 soldiers standing in iddle animations in the open field looking stupid.

3. Risk vs reward
a) in pve: even after sarduca, best way to make money is to farm easy mobs close to cities or inside pallisades, most of the hard mobs are just not worth it as you need so many to kill them and after splitting the loots its just not worth it

b)in pvp: refering to point (1), theres no economy, only very few items have any kind of value. So people run around in high quality armors, high quality weapons with enchantments, high quality potions and everything and hardly care if they die.

c)in general: we have so few "high quality" materials in general that only foot fighters and mounted combats can even equip "expensive" sets. As a mage or hybrid, no matter how much you would want to invenst in your gear, you just cant.
1. Mounts/Breeding

Fuck "Super Horses". Fastest mounts should have less HP, carry less. Maybe carry even less than full steel armored guy. So only medium-light armored ppl will be able to ride those "fastest" mounts.

2. Breeding Grounds/NPC Miners

They ruined economy!

3. And OFC Mount AI

Silly mounts cant even follow now. They stuck etc etc.


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Pretty much every thing I want to see changed is already posted. Good job.


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1. Cant pve as a pure mage
2. Mounted OP
3. Getting around to places and roaming is sooooooo boring and long on foot, make riding secondary and swift riding primary plz.


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1. Resources in sarducaa look pretty cool, but everything is saburra and whitewood.


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1) noobs crying about smtng is op.
They are always crying. Moreover, they demands to nerf a class which pwned them. I have a question to such persons: if some class is op why you cant create this class and become A KING OF MORTAL ONLINE? Let me answer myself: it is just you noobs, keep your dirty hands off this aspect of game mechanic.

2) Every fucking ore in Sarducca is SABURA (and sometimes granum, but very rarely). Is it really supposed players should kill tons of dangerous mobs on 'tier 2 continent' in order to mine freaking SABURA?

3) Last but not least: bugged ratzar queen. It is supposed that larvas should heal her, but who fucking cares?! In the moment her HP becomes near 70% SHE HEALS HERSELF till 95%! INSTANTLY! It happens in the moment of releasing larvas and it doesn't matter whether larvas are alive or not, because it is not larvas heals her, but SHE heals HERSELF! IN-STANT-LY!
Do something!
1) have no time to play MO
2) pve. mobs can run/walk/attack thru the walls. With new system whole dungeon come to help mobs near the entrance.
3) bone plate armor. scales - ok, bone plate armor - not ok.


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1) Mounteds have too much health and risk vs reward is gimped. The whole idea of mounteds should be revamped. No way can you ride full speed into a tree and just stop normally. No way you slash at horse 7 times and it's still alive and half HP.

2) Lack of fun PvP in the world (has to partially do with TC).

3) The game is overall really clunky. You can't really show videos of gameplay to other potential players and them not thinking "wtf is going on?"


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Issue 1) People who want chivalry online deathmatch style game

Issue 2) Bugs e.g. npcs lack of collision with walls, being killed by people who can't see me and are very far away

Issue 3) High risk low reward PvE, chests with crap loot, mobs with crap loot


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c)in general: we have so few "high quality" materials in general that only foot fighters and mounted combats can even equip "expensive" sets. As a mage or hybrid, no matter how much you would want to invenst in your gear, you just cant.
I dont think thats completely true. As a hybrid with a 10 weight set, you have some options to play around with cronite.
Now 10 exactly is extreamly hard to get for it to viable. I mean, only wearing a helmet sleeves and torso isnt really an option since then you're just donating cronite. But If you manage to make the helmet, sleeves, torso and leggings from cronite. Using direptor, draco and maybe some of the new armour types I think you'd be able to manage to get it to 10.
Then the other pieces scales or molarium or something.


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1. Resources in sarducaa look pretty cool, but everything is saburra and whitewood.
Nope, there is granum in Sarducca too. I have tested it and also stole some guy mining it's gems while he was afk.

But I haven't tested if half the unchoppable trees work yet.
1.How people are still using pre patch skull maces.
And that's about it
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